Offer until 15th of march

last changed: 27.02.2023 11:28
We have made special offers to some companies in recent weeks. For the next two and a half weeks we make this offer to all interested parties.
Everything has become more expensive lately. Many companies have difficulties with procurement, personnel and costs for electricity and gas.
We want you to participate anyway and help us provide you with a platform for business, new employees and scientific exchange.
We have converted part of the hall to rows with small uniform stands. This allows us to make you an inexpensive offer for these stands.

For example, a 16 m stand with stand construction would cost 4,000 today.
4x4=16 m reduced 110 + reduced 480 media package + 110 /m stand construction = 4.000,-

This division offers our visitors a variety of news to absorb without it costing you much.
But on March 15, we have to decide whether we will hold the fair. I am counting on your reply.
Many thanks at this point for the written and verbal bookings of:
Bomar * ExactCut * Kohnle * Kampmann * SW Will * Bous * Bewo * Fraunhofer IPA * Universität Stuttgart * Spontan * Bernd Krause * RSA * Häberle * Tsune * Trumpf * Adige * BLM Group * V.Kaltenbach * Re Load Tools * IBS * Röntgen * AZAK * Radmacher * Eduard Müller * Messe Düsseldorf